Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sousic - a brief introduction

Dhi es Introduction a SousicSousic es practical literar Lugha. It es practical Lugha pro Literatur.

This is an introduction to Sousic. Sousic is a practical literary language. It is a practical language for literature.

Unlike most "conlangs" which are made to be spoken as an international second language,  Sousic is a language for readers. It is designed for optimal ease of reading.

The orthography of Sousic has the following characteristics:

  • very strict
  • naturalistic
  • no diacritics
  • Latin alphabet
  • computer friendly
  • simplified but not simplistic
  • designed for optimal ease of reading
  • heavily influenced by English but entirely regular
  • often recognizable to English and French speakers
  • several ways often exist for writing the same sound
  • all words are pronounced exactly as they are written
  • there is only one correct spelling for any given word
  • to determine the correct spelling of a word a dictionary must be used

I am excited to see when Sousic is finished and also see what kind of literature is available in this language.
Here is the original blog post. Here is the official site for Sousic for pronunciation and grammar.

'''Gough Whitlam''' [Gof Whitlam] wos Australian Premier Minister khilaal 1972-1975.

   Gough Whitlam was the Australian prime minister from 1972 to 1975.

Since there is so much more information available on the website, I will not reiterate everything here, rather I want to direct you to the blog and website where you can learn more about this fascinating language!